Highlight of the day



We learned that some Yandex links are downloading at a very slow speed, this happens because each Yandex account has a quota every day. When that account reaches its quota the speed is slowed down. We are now using different accounts to try and fix that, but every time a new set of users visit us or a post gets very popular we have many downloads and reach our quota.

You have two option when that happens:

1 - You can wait and download the album the next day, the quota returns to zero every day.

2 - You can register for an account (for free) and save that file to your account. Then you can proceed and download direct from your account.

It also helps us if you register for an account through THIS LINK HERE!

You also have to install Yandex app to validate this invitations. But after installing and running the program only once you can uninstall it.


Every person that register through this link gives to our account an extra 512MB of space, which is very important!