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Yandex changed the way it limits the accounts. Now some links cannot be downloaded after the limit is reached. This happens because each Yandex account has a quota every day. When that account reaches its quota the links are blocked momentarily. We are now using different accounts to try and fix that, but every time a new set of users visit us or a post gets very popular we have many downloads at the same time and reach our quota.

You have two option when that happens:

1 - You can wait and download the album the next day, the quota returns to zero every day.

2 - You can register for an account (for free) and save that file to your account. Then you can proceed and download direct from your own account and delete it later if you want.

You just have to create an account through THIS LINK HERE, click on the album you want to download and use the yello button SAVE TO YANDEX.DISK. After that you just go to your account and download from there.

As I mentioned, if you don't want to create an account you can just wait a day or two and everything comes back to normal. Or you can just browse through our other albums, we have almost 9.000 albums on the page, for sure you can find something else you are interested!

Official information from Yandex HERE.


  1. Thank you for that explanation. I came upon that "download limit", today, and couldn't understand what was happening, as I never had any problems from your site before, and I hadn't even downloaded anything today! I was like, whaaat? I had a download limit??
    I didn't even know that, as I hadn't read that anywhere, and I started to get upset. So I went searching for an answer to what was going on, and found the answer here, and fast, so thank you for that! I love music websites, that take care of their people. Thank You again!

    1. Thanks a lot, very very kind words, it means a lot to us :)

      And yeah, there are people complainning all the time about Yandex, so we decided to try to explain a bit. Yandex is great and this limit is very brand, actually. So you just need some patience and you get the files :)

      Thanks for the visit and comment!


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