Record Collector Dreams - Book Series

The Record Collector Dreams series of books are very well know among music aficionados and became a legend among music fans and record diggers. It helps many to discover new music and it helps collectors to evaluate their itens.

The series was created by the Austrian collector Hans Pokora.

This page has his books to download (just click on the cover) and will also serve as a guide to find the records on these books to download.

1001 Record Collector Dreams (1998)
2001 Record Collector Dreams (2000)
3001 Record Collector Dreams (2001)
4001 Record Collector Dreams (2003)
5001 Record Collector Dreams (2007)
6001 Record Collector Dreams (2010)
7001 Record Collector Dreams (2015)
Not available to download yet.
Contact us if you have a digital copy
of this book
8001 Record Collector Dreams (2019)
Not available to download yet.
Contact us if you have a digital copy
of this book


  1. The second book (2001 Record Collector Dreams (2000)) is not complete.

    1. That's the only one available. If you have a better copy, please don't hesitate in sending :)

    2. Found this:

      7001 Record Collectors Dreams

      But I can't done the download

    3. Link's not working (at least for me) so I couldn't really check it.

  2. ...and the first book also is not complete, and order of pages is not wright...

  3. Hello I'm from Brazil. Forgive me for my bad English. But I wonder if you can make the books available: 7001 Record Collector Dreams and 8001 Record Collector Dreams. I'm already very grateful.

    1. Hello John.

      No, they are nowhere to be found yet. And since Hans Pokora don't release digital editions it's really complicated to find scans of these books.

      I guess we will have to wait.

  4. Greetings rock heads!
    A bit of record collector fun...
    My profile picture is a shot of the floor from the famous Chelsea Drug Store. Two rows of albums from circa 1970. What a time and place it must have been.
    The frame is taken from the Kubrick film Clockwork Orange. Protagonist Alex was big on record collecting.
    Many of the albums pictured are fairly obvious. According to my research, only one title in the picture remains unidentified. That would be the blue record second from the bottom, left row, above Buckley.
    Any help needed to identify the rest, I can assist. Just say so here.
    I need to know what the blue record is. (it may be in fact under our noses available here compliments of lovely Leena's labor)
    Some surfer of this space may very well recognize it. Please do pray tell!

    1. Left Row (A=available at RRA, NA=not):
      1) Area Code 615 ‎– Trip In The (1970), NA
      2) Freedom - Freedon (1970), A
      3) The New York Rock Ensemble – Roll Over (1971), NA
      4) Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (1970), A
      5) Various (VA) - Rock Buster (1970), NA
      6) THE MYSTERY ALBUM ??? Please Help!
      7) Tim Buckley - Lorca (1970), A

      Right Row (A=available at RRA, NA=not):
      1) The Incredible String Band - U (1970), NA
      2) Johnny Winter - First Winter (1970), NA
      3) Iron Butterfly - Metamorphosis (1971), A
      4) Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By (1970), A
      5) Rare Earth - Get Ready (1970), A
      6) Liverpool Scene – Heirloon (1970), NA
      7) Tangerine Peel – Soft Delights (1970), NA

      Other albums seen in the film 'Clockwork Orange' in the Chelsea Drug Store scene:

      1) Canned Heat - Living The Blues (1968), A
      2) Keef Hartley Band - The Time Is Near... (1970), A
      3) Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin – Missa Luba (1965), NA
      4) Stray - Stray (1970), A
      5) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Déjà Vu (1970), A
      6) John Fahey – The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death (1968), NA
      7) The Who - Tommy (1969), A
      8) The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (1968), A
      9) Neil Young & Crazy Horse - After The Gold Rush (1970), A
      10) Booker T & The MG's ‎– Melting Pot (1971), A
      11) Mungo Jerry - Mungo Jerry (1970), A
      12) Various ‎(VA) – Theme Music For The Film 2001: A Space Odyssey And Other Great Movie Themes (1970), NA
      13) Various ‎(VA) – 2001 - A Space Odyssey (1968), NA
      14) Nucleus - Elastic Rock (1971), A

  5. Hi can you upload the 6001 Record Collector Dreams in another filehost because file upload doesnt work

  6. hi leena i wanted to download the first volume but it's in a server that doesn't work so i don't know if you could reupload it in another server


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