How To Download

This is a quick guide explaining how to download files from Rock And Roll Archives. If you're not sure how a server or Linkbucks works please follow the instructions below:


1-Click on the album link you want to download:

2-Wait 5 seconds:
ATTENTION: Some Anti-Virus programs, such as Norton, can BLOCK the counter. However, you can momentarily disable the Anti-virus, download the album, and enable the program again.
Also, AD Blockers may also BLOCK the counter. If you're using such programs, sorry, we can't help you.

3-Click on the orange button on the top right of your screen SKIP THIS AD:

The next steps depend on the server the file is stored. Follow accordingly:



1-Simply click on the white button 'Download':



1-Click on the grey button 'Download through your computer'

2-Wait for the download to finish:

3-Depending on the browser you're using, after the download is over it may ask you to save the file, just save it.



1-On the Russian server Cloud Mail Ru is very easy and fast to download. Just click on the button located on the top left of the screen 'скачать' (it means Download), as show in the picture below.

2-A pop up will appear saying that the file was checked for viruses and nothing was found but that remains a possibility that the file may harm your computer. Just a standard message to free them of any responsibility.

Tick the box and press the blue button. Save the file to your computer.




New server here in the Rock And Roll Archives blog. Very simple to download from it.

1-Wait for the 5 seconds counter:

2-Click in the 'FREE DOWNLOAD - Click to continue' button:

Now, a pop up will appear you have to close it and click in the 'FREE DOWNLOAD - Click to continue' button once again.

3-Save the file to your computer.



1-Click on the 'I'm not a robot' box.

2-Complete the Captcha (if asked), selecting the images as asked and click on the 'Verify' button:

3-Click on the 'Download File' button:

PS: Having an account on and being signed in to it (it's free) makes the download faster.


  1. no downloads work,cannot get past linkbucks,does not say skip this ad after 5 seconds.?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Well, the team at RNRA tried in 3 different computers and they all worked.

      You should check the following in your computer:
      - Your browser is updated to tha last version? If not update it.
      - Try to open the blog in a different browser.
      - Update your flash version.
      - Try to clean cookies, temporary files etc.

      That's it really, try to follow all this and try again. If you don't know how to do it just google it and you will find a quick answer :)


  2. Regret to inform LINKBUCKS is again a failure.
    Says "loading" but does not load in ANY browser.
    This has been broken for a week or more (in USA).

    TODAY it "stole" your homepage link and
    clicks straight thru (sometime in Firefox -
    ALWAYS in Chrome) to this hijack link:

    Norton also says this is a Trojan - as are
    many of those Ads served up by Linkbucks.

    You perform a valuable historical service,
    and deserve to amortize the expense. But
    Linkbucks gets worse and worse, with more
    and more deadly malware ads.

    And has now made

    1. Hello Old Grey DJ.

      Thanks for taking the time to write about this problem, I appreciate and I understand your frustration.

      But let me also tell you this: I have two computers, one for work, one is my personal computer. The one from work I have Norton and Norton is just... It sees malware everywhere and it works in a dumb way. For instance, he even tells me (and block it) that a normal Windows program is a threat...

      It's no different with Linkbucks, I know they should avoid this, and they do, usually in a week or so they take this ads down. But when I deactivate Norton it works perfectly well and later on, when I activate it again, everything is perfect. How come?
      The thing is that Norton is used for business mainly and its security is way too tight and its system is not all that smart.

      Now, on my personal computer I use Avast, it never blocks anything, it never says I'm in threat or anything BUT if I go to its quarantine there it is, the threat malware or adware or whatever it is the thing IS blocked, but the anti virus doesn't block my navigation with that.

      I'm sorry you're having this problem, but as a means of test, try to deactivate Norton and try to acess one link and you will see that Norton is just too over protective.

      Once again, I'm sorry about that, but now we have over 5000 links on Linkbucks and changing it would be out of hand at the moment.

  3. Have the same problem with Linkbucks here in Russia too. I do not use Norton and get no antivirus alarms at all; nevertheless, this Linkbucks thing keeps popping up constantly on every site that uses it. It looks like it cannot be helped - and more's the pity, as your site sure looks great... but, unfortunately, remains a kind of a tease for me.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I honestly don't know what else can we do. I'll make a complain with Linkbucks about it. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Oh, by the way, if you're using ADBlocker the counter will also not start.

    3. I use Adblock + never have a problem.

  4. Disabled the ADBlocker, got a whole lot of ads)). As for Linkbucks - no dice. But thank you for your efforts to solve the problen anyway.

  5. I have now given up trying to download anything via Yandex.3 hours plus for a 100mb file.What a joke!


  6. My downloads have been working perfect. Brand new Imac, Safari. Just wait for the timer to go to 0 then click the button. Make sure you don't click anything else that pops up on the screen. 'm having a problem with the pages loading though on the blog. It says load more items and the thing just keeps spinning and nothing comes up.

    1. Hello Paul, thanks for taking the time and writting to us.

      It sounds as a cookies problem. It might help if you clean your browser. Try to do it and later tell us if it worked :)

  7. Hello, in Yandex downloads of Trapeze - Trapeze , Asia - Asia and Asia - Alpha albums continuously legend "Download speed limited to 64 kbit / s " , please if I can help appears . Thank you.

    1. Hello Edudarky. We're aware of the problem. We're working with different servers for the future. But we have many files on Yandex and we will not upload all of them again. So please take a look here to solve the problem:

  8. Hi - what an intersting site! Well worth looking!

    If I do download something to listen to - try before you buy, and all that - will I be getting a flac lossless file or a lossy mp3 file? I can't tell from my brief look about.

    thank you


    1. Hi Jules,

      Every post has the information about the Quality of the files. You just have to actually read the posts...

      But no, no FLAC here. If you want lossless files go and buy the originals.

      Thank you for your visit

  9. Hi!
    Regretfully, Linkbucks is blocking downloads again, asking to disable the AdBlock. After it is disabled, the same message appears, so it makes no difference at all. The problem have been appearing sporadically since yesterday (some albums I downloaded without a hitch and some were blocked), but today all downloads are blocked.

    1. I am sorry to hear that, but at this moment we don't see problems with downloads. I just tried several different links and all of them are fine.

      AdBlock is a pain and on my opinion doesn't help at all. Many times it just blocks content that are behind ads.

      May be your Anti-Virus too. Some softwares, such as Norton, can BLOCK the counter as well. However, you can momentarily disable the Anti-virus, download the album, and enable the program again.

      If you deactived both and you're still having problems, we're sorry but we can't help you a lot, as we're not intending on stop using Linkbucks. Thanks for your compreehension.

      That's it really, try to follow all this and try again. If you don't know how to do it just google it and you will find a quick answer :)