Jimmy And The Boys - Teddy Boys Picnic (1981) [Australia, New Wave/Post Punk]

Artist: Jimmy And The Boys

Location: Australia

Album: Teddy Boys Picnic

Year: 1981

Genre: New Wave, Post Punk

Duration: 28:45

Format: MP3 CBR 320


1 Mirror Mirror - 2:06

2 Get Off My Cloud - 2:45

3 Brave New World - 3:16

4 Teddy Boys Picnic - 2:59

5 They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me - 3:12

6 Out Of Phaze - 3:07

7 Man Of Steel - 2:39

8 Love Is Cheap - 2:19

9 Pretty Boys - 2:44

10 Don't Shoot - 3:02


– Ignatius Jones [Juan Ignacio Tr├ípaga] - vocals

– Michael Vidale - bass, vocals

– Scott Johnston - drums, vocals

– Joe P. Rick - guitar, vocals

– Joylene Hairmouth [William O'Riordan] - keyboards, vocals


– Andrew Ross - saxophone (4)

– Adrian Payne, Maggie McKinney & Trevor White - vocals

– Danny Beckerman - producer

Download: Kraken Files

Download: Zippyshare


  1. Hello, for a few days I have not been able to access the file download. After waiting the specified amount of time and closing the various uninteresting screens, it finally directs me to the main Google screen. What has changed? Congratulations, it is a great page and it has discovered many groups that I did not know.

    1. Link tested. Working just fine. Add the address - https://iir.ai/ - to your Antivirus exceptions list and also try with a different browser. These worked for others. It's a Google blocking the address thing

    2. Many thanks! i will try what you say

    3. Hello again, I normally use Mozilla Firefox, I also tried Google Chrome and it was the same. Today if it has let me access the download page. We will keep testing. Thank you very much.


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