Utopia - Utopia (1971) [USA, Funk Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

Artist: Utopia

Location: USA

Album: Utopia

Year: 1971

Genre: Funk Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Duration: 28:55

Format: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)


01 Utopia - 2:53

02 Mentiras - 2:52

03 Yo Quiero Verte - 2:44

04 Life Ain't Ease - 2:22

05 Primo Bongosero - 4:14

06 La LLave - 2:17

07 En Busca - 2:13

08 Dulce, Dulce Amor - 3:36

09 Ya Todo Acabo - 2:52

10 Season For Surprise - 2:49


- Nelson Suarez - bass

- Ulises De La Vega - bongos

- Luis Martinez - drums

- Leon Rodriguez - guitar

- Eddie De La Vega - organ

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  1. This band are better known as "Combo Utopia". Both their single (which are on the album) credit this name. Not surprising really - Discogs has 59 different artists called Utopia, many contemporaries of this band. Two of them contained members called Rodriguez and released eponymous albums: this band on the "Laza" label and another on "Kent". The Kent album was recorded around 1969 but came out sometime between 1970-73, neatly overlapping this band. Their Rodriguez was christened Dennis. and they have some connection to Bob Smith of "The Visit".

    The obvious Latin influence leads me to doubt USA, but I can't find any solid evidence t back that up.

  2. Following that, I found on Youtube - someone has credited them as Peruvian.

    1. John, I believe all of this to be true, honestly. But I also believe that this band for sure had South American roots, but was formed in Miami, which would not be any abnormal thing.

      There were a bunch of Latin based bands, with Latin members that were actually formed in the US and released albums there.

      Utopia seems to be the case. The label in which they released the album, Laza Records, and its arm Sella Laza, all have releases on Discogs as being US releases.

    2. Quite right. No criticism intended.
      The most famous Rodriguez of all would be Sixto Rodriguez and his biggest fan base was South Africa oddly enough. Yet his US provenance is beyond doubt (at least nowadays).
      Miami would fit with the Latin connection for sure. And obviously many bands recorded albums outside their home country. I didn't quote Peru because it put the answer beyond doubt - only that in a desert of solid information, someone claiming something, might not prove to be a mirage.
      Interesting album regardless.

  3. Leena Rock,
    Poderia Postar
    UTOPIA 1969 com Dennis Rodriguez - voclas, Harry Brender / Frank Krajinbrink - guitars ,
    Gene Lucero - bass, Danny McBride - drums.
    OK ?
    Thank You.


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