Kill For Thrills - Dynamite From Nightmareland (1990) [USA, Hard Rock/Glam Metal]

Artist: Kill For Thrills

Location: USA

Album: Dynamite From Nightmareland

Year: 1990

Genre: Hard Rock, Glam Metal

Duration: 48:58

Format: MP3 CBR 320


1 Motorcycle Cowboys - 3:46

2 Commercial Suicide - 5:14

3 Brother's Eyes - 5:08

4 Paisley Killers - 4:24

5 Something For The Suffering - 4:46

6 Rockets - 4:14

7 Wedding Flowers - 3:42

8 Ghosts And Monsters - 3:34

9 My Addiction - 4:30

10 Misery Pills - 5:02

11 Silver Bullets - 4:03


- Gilby Clarke - lead vocals, rhythm guitar

- Todd Muscat - bass, backing vocals

- David Scott - drums, percussion, backing vocals

- Jason Nesmith - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar, backing vocals


- Kyle Vincent - additional vocals

- Ric Browde - producer

- Vic Maile - producer (1, 3, 6)

Download: Kraken Files


  1. The link is not working

  2. Jason Nesmith, son of Monkees member Michael Nesmith. (Always wanted to hear Jason's solo albums.)
    Todd Mustcat, brother of Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat.

  3. Going to turn you on to a little known short lived band from L.A., but absolutely legendary among those who knew them.
    They did 2 steller albums for EMI in '87 and '89. The singer Rick Parker went on to do a solo album on Geffen and a production career thereafter. Most notably, B.R.M.C., Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's first 2 albums.
    The guitarist Michael Lockwood, toured w/ pop queens and married one named Lisa Marie Presley. Saw him live in a bar a couple years back, divorced and dapper as ever. The drummer Michael Murphy did an avant garde album called 'Deconstruction' w/ Dave Navarro and Eric Avery of Jane's Addiction. MM also had been in an early 80's band with Concrete Blonde vox/bassist Johnette Napolitano called 'Dream 6'.
    Check two finely crafted albums from '87 & '89, "Velvet Kiss, Lick Of The Lime" and "Wild Garden" by 'Lions & Ghosts'.


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