Punchin' Judy - Punchin' Judy (1973) [England, Blues Rock]

Artist: Punchin' Judy

Location: England

Album: Punchin' Judy

Year: 1973

Genre: Blues Rock

Duration: 39:25

Format: MP3 CBR 320


01 Settle Down - 3:37

02 So Long - 5:41

03 Ring That Bell - 4:18

04 Pictures In A Broken Mirror - 5:30

05 Superwitch - 5:17

06 Taxi Joe - 4:09

07 Since We First Met - 2:59

08 The Loser - 7:52


- Barbara O'Meara - lead vocals

- Keith Evans - bass, vocals

- Alan Brooks - drums, percussion, vocals

- John Phillips - acoustic & electric guitars, vocals

- Robin Langridge - piano


- John Whitehead - producer

Download: Kraken Files


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