Alabama - The Alabama Band #3 (1979) [USA, Country Rock]

Artist: Alabama

Location: USA

Album: The Alabama Band #3

Year: 1979

Genre: Country Rock

Duration: 31:09

Format: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)


01 Fantasy - 4:03

02 Why Lady Why - 4:14

03 Just Along For The Ride - 3:20

04 Tennessee River - 3:10

05 Can't Forget About You - 5:41

06 Keep On Dreamin' - 4:06

07 My Home's In Alabama - 6:32


- Randy Owen - vocals, rhythm guitar

- Teddy Gentry - bass, vocals

- Rick Scott - drums, percussion, vocals

- Jeff Cook - lead guitar, fiddle, organ, vocals


- Alabama - producers

Download: Kraken Files


  1. This link is dead :( Care to re-upload, please? Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Pete. Kraken Files stated that their s3 server got fire and like all servers located in that particular building the server was destroyed.

      They will issue a statement til the end of the week to let everyone know if they will be able to recover the files or not. If not we will start the re-upload.

      So please be patient :)

    2. Thanks for writing back!
      I'm very sorry about Kraken, hope they will recover whatever they can.
      I will be patient, I promise. If you finally re-upload, will you do it here - I mean this very page - or will you post it on the front page?
      Thanks again for the helpful and prompt reply!

    3. Hey there Pete, thanks!

      It will be here on this very page. You can save this one and I always comment when a link is updated. So stay tuned.

      Also, if I have to reupload any files I will post a warning on the sidebar of the blog, stay tuned for that as well :)


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