Sacbé - Sacbé (1977) [Mexico, Jazz Fusion/Jazz Rock]

Artist: Sacbé

Location: Mexico

Album: Sacbé

Year: 1977

Genre: Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock

Duration: 38:48

Format: MP3 CBR 320


01. Introduccion - 0:55

02. Caribe - 5:54

03. Andromeda - 5:55

04. Ah-Tok - 6:19

05. Sacbé - 6:39

06. Page - 6:18

07. Las Pulgas Freeway - 6:44


- Eugenio Toussaint U. - piano, synthesizers, percussion

- Enrique Toussaint U. - bass, percussion

- Fernando Toussaint U. - drums, congas, percussion

- Alejandro Campos B. - tenor & soprano saxophones, Percussion


- Marco Polo Garibay - tenor saxophone

- Mazola - alto saxophone

- Roberto Casas Del Real - trumpet

- Humberto Flores (Fakir) - trumpet, trombone

- Arturo Cipriano - flute, bass clarinet

- Gerardo Batiz - flute

- Adriana Deball - vocals

- Luis Gil & Rafael Lugo - producers

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