Happy New Year!!!!!!

Spilverk Þjóðanna - Ísland (1978) [Iceland, Folk Rock/Pop Rock]

Electric Light Orchestra Part Two - Moment Of Truth (1994) [England, Art Rock/Pop Rock]

Le Orme - Venerdì (1982) [Italy, Pop Rock/New Wave/Progressive Rock]

REO Speedwagon - Life As We Know It (1987) [USA, AOR/Pop Rock]

Sacbé - Sacbé (1977) [Mexico, Jazz Fusion/Jazz Rock]

Stonebolt - Stonebolt (1978) [Canada, AOR]

Архангел [Arhangel] - Архангел II [Arhangel II] (1993) [Yugoslavia, Alternative Rock/Avant Garde]

Albert Hammond - 99 Miles From L.A. (1975) [England, Pop Rock]

Albert Hammond - Albert Hammond (1974) [England, Pop Rock]

The Rats - The Rats (1980) [USA, Punk Rock/Garage Rock]

Ezio - Diesel Vanilla (1997) [England, Folk Rock/Pop Rock]

Ezio - Black Boots On Latin Feet (1995) [England, Folk Rock/Pop Rock]

Lake - Paradise Island (1979) [Germany, Pop Rock]

Lake - Lake (1976) [Germany, Pop Rock/Progressive Rock]

Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls - Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls (1980) [England, New Wave/Post Punk]

Wits End - Rock And By God Roll (1979) [USA, Hard Rock/Southern Rock]

Barnabus - Beginning To Unwind (1972/2020) [England, Hard Rock/Heavy Psych]

Charlie Sexton - Pictures For Pleasure (1985) [USA, Pop Rock/New Wave]

The Box Tops - Dimensions (1969) [USA, Pop Rock/Psychedelic Pop]

The Box Tops - Non Stop (1968) [USA, Pop Rock/Baroque Pop/Soul]

Wicked Lady - Blow Your Mind! (1972/1995) [England, Heavy Psych/Hard Rock]

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh (1993) [England, Heavy Psych/Hard Rock]

Ekatarina Velika - Samo Par Godina Za Nas (1989) [ Yugoslavia, Alternative Rock/Pop Rock]

Arkangel - Warrior (1980) [USA, Progressive Rock/Art Rock/Christian Rock]

Coney Hatch - Outa Hand (1983) [Canada, Hard Rock/AOR]

Happy Christmas!!!!!!

Rick Wakeman - Christmas Variations (2000) [England, New Age/Classical/Xmas]

Alan Merrill - A Merrilly Christmas (2000) [USA, Rock & Roll/Blues/Xmas]

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - It Feels Like Christmas Time (2013) [USA, Jazz/Xmas]

Booker T. & The M.G.'s - In The Christmas Spirit (1966) [USA, R&B/Xmas]

Bonnie Guitar - Merry Christmas From Bonnie Guitar (1966) [USA, Country/Xmas]

Eric Clapton - Reptile (2001) [England, Blues/Blues Rock]

Maanam - Wet Cat (1985) [Poland, New Wave]

Zounds - The Curse Of Zounds! (1981) [England, Post Punk]

Pete Carr - Multiple Flash (1978) [USA, Jazz Rock/Funk Rock/Jazz]

Scott Walker - The Early Years (2005) [USA, Rockabilly/Rock & Roll]

Mão Morta - Corações Felpudos (1990) [Portugal, Alternative Rock/Avantgarde]

Simple Minds - Good News From The Next World (1995) [Scotland, Pop Rock/Alternative Rock]

Franco Battiato - Sulle Corde Di Aries (1973) [Italy, Experimental/Progressive Rock]

Death In June - The Guilty Have No Pride (1983) [England, Post Punk]

Idoli - Čokolada (1983) [Yugoslavia, New Wave/Pop Rock]

Rancid - Let's Go (1994) [USA, Punk Rock/Hardcore]

Neca Falk - Najjači Ostaju (1980) [Yugoslavia, Pop Rock/New Wave]

Jesse Colin Young - The Soul Of A City Boy (1964) [USA, Folk/Blues]

Hello People - Bricks (1975) [USA, Glam Rock/Pop Rock]

Hello People - The Handsome Devils (1974) [USA, Glam Rock/Pop Rock]

Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch (1982) [Canada, Hard Rock/AOR]

Leño - Corre, Corre (1982) [Spain, Blues Rock/Hard Rock]

The Box Tops - Cry Like A Baby (1968) [USA, Pop Rock/Baroque Pop/Soul]