Argent - The BBC Sessions (1997) [England, Progressive Rock]

Artist: Argent
Location: England
Album: The BBC Sessions
Year: 1997 (Recorded Live between 1970 & 1973)
Genre: Progressive Rock
Duration: 60:14
Format: MP3 CBR 320

27th August 1970
01. Rejoice - 3:50
02. Where Are We Going Wrong - 2:29
31st May 1971
03. Cast Your Spell Uranus - 4:52
23rd February 1972
04. Tragedy - 4:44
05. Keep On Rolling - 4:25
06. Hold Your Head Up - 6:40
4th April 1972
07. Liar - 3:54
08. Rejoice - 3:44
09. Keep On Rolling - 4:17
10. Tragedy - 4:39
7th March 1973
11. It's Only Money Part 1 - 5:37
12. It's Only Money Part 2 - 4:19
13. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You - 6:36

- Rod Argent - keyboards, vocals
- Russ Ballard - vocals, guitar, piano
- Jim Rodford - bass
- Bob Henrit - drums

Download: Anonfiles


  1. This is another one where I can't get the link to work. Am i doing something wrong?

    1. Working just fine. Just downloaded it. You probably got a bad server time. Try again.

  2. I don't know what the problem is but people have ad and pop-up blockers for a reason. I click on what I think to be the link right after the word "download". The site it takes me to whines that it can't do anything because of my ad blocker. Another 5 minutes wasted trying to appease the site and finally i get a captcha but only after it tries to take me to another website 9again this why people have blockers). I get a countdown before I get a link and I see a green box that claims to be the link and every time I click on it I get taken to various trash sites. Not once after mesing with it did I ever get a true download link so i could download this.


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