Quincy Conserve - Tasteful (1973) [New Zealand, Jazz Rock]

Artist: Quincy Conserve
Location: New Zealand
Album: Tasteful
Year: 1973
Genre: Jazz Rock
Duration: 40:52
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Volcano - 2:35
02. Move On Up - 4:04
03. First - 3:17
04. Keep On Pushing - 3:14
05. Live Today - 4:03
06. Keep On Playing That Rock And Roll - 3:49
07. My Brother Jake - 2:56
08. Lulu Belle - 3:07
09. I Saw The Light - 3:00
10. Lazy Kind Of Day - 3:28
11. Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - 2:55
12. Slut - 4:18

- Malcolm Hayman - vocals, percussion
- Graeme Thompson - vocals (1, 7), bass
- Tom Swainson - drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Rufus Rehu - organ, acoustic & electric pianos
- Kevin Furey - lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
- Johnny McCormack - also & tenor saxophones, percussion
- Barry Brown-Sharpe - trumpet, congas
- Alan Galbraith - producer

Download: MeGa


  1. Clicked on the link but got the message the site can't provide a clear connection.

    1. Everything is working as it should. Just downloaded and unzipped the file.

      Try again:

  2. I got rid of my ad blocker and it has taken me 10 tries just to get to the page where it might just offer to download something for me. That is after it it is done trying to redirect me every time I click on the box that says I'm not a robot and after I wait for an undisclosed length of time while it sits and spins it wheels trying to decided what to do. I am re-installing my ad blocker and won't be bothering you again. This is way worse than dealing with zippyshare. It's been almost 5 minutes and I still have not gotten the album that I wanted.

    1. Well, sorry to hear that. Too bad. I get downloads to start in like 30 seconds...

      Well, thanks for stoping buy


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