Alco - Threads Of Life (1972) [England, Progressive Folk/Folk Rock]

Artist: Alco
Location: England
Album: Threads Of Life
Year: 1972
Genre: Progressive Folk, Folk Rock
Duration: 54:17 (with Bonus Track)
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01 When I Was a Child - 7:50
02 Rain Upon My Mind - 5:17
03 In My Dreams - 5:50
04 Waiting to Be Born - 5:45
05 Look At the Clouds - 3:51
06 Linda - 3:07
07 Hello Love - 3:29
08 The Chordbuster March - 1:26
09 Carry Me Back to Old Virginny - 1:20
10 De Animals A-Comin' - 1:48
11 Bill Grogan's Goat - 2:21
12 Humble - 2:25
13 New Ashmolian Band - 1:34
Bonus Track:
14 When I Was A Child (Single) - 8:09

- Tim Caesar - lead vocals, keyboards
- Paul Fidlin - bass, lead guitar, vocals
- Julian Caesar - drums, synthesizer, vocals
- Ben Brook - lead guitar, bass, vocals
- Itchen Orchestra - orchestra

Download: Kraken Files


  1. Hi! First of all I congratulate you on your website. I just wanted to clarify that the songs posted here do not correspond to Alco's album. The graphic art and the list of the topics is correct, but not the material posted. I have the correct album, and I can upload it to you if you explain how and where to do it. I send you an affectionate greeting and I await your response.

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your help :)

      You can upload anywhere you want (Mega, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc), and you can send us the link here in this page's comments :)

    2. Link updated RasputinX.

      Thank you very very much!


    3. Do either of you know the title of the song that begins “when our time is nearly ended and today is yesterday” - the listing on Apple Music seems to be all mixed up.

  2. There are no such Lyrics.
    You need to Look up:
    Alco (Band name)
    And "Threads of Life." Album name. No lyrics are on the web.
    You will hear "I see the threads of life go by ..."
    on the second movement on
    Side 1...(Rain Upon My Mind)


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