War - All Day Music (1971) [USA, Funk Rock/Soul]

Artist: War
Location: USA
Album: All Day Music
Year: 1971
Genre: Funk Rock, Soul
Duration: 39:54
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. All Day Music - 4:08
02. Get Down - 4:29
03. That's What Love Will Do - 7:16
04. There Must Be A Reason - 3:15
05. Nappy Head (Theme From Ghetto Man) - 6:06
06. Slippin' Into Darkness - 6:59
07. Baby Brother - 7:40

- Charles Miller - flute, alto, baritone & tenos saxophones, percussion, vocals
- B.B. Dickerson - bass, percussion, vocals
- Papa Dee Allen - congas, bongos, percussion, vocals
- Harold Brown - drums, percussion, vocals
- Howard Scott - guitar, percussion, vocals
- Lee Oskar - harmonica, percussion, vocals
- Lonnie Jordan - organ, piano, percussion, vocals
- Chris Huston, Jerry Goldstein & War - producers

Download: Kraken Files
Download: 4Shared


  1. I'm not sure if either 4Shared is not working, or the files are down (all 3 albums by WAR). When you click the link, you need to pass a captcha, then wait 5 seconds, then it goes to the dl page. When you click the 'download', it opens to another window and says "waiting time 60 seconds." However, it doesn't countdown. No matter how long you wait, it's static. There is a bigger button to the lower side that says "FREE DOWNLOAD" but it opens floating box with 3 choices to download with either facebook, twitter, or Google+. What?!?!? If that's how it works, then no luck for me. I don't use none of them.

    1. Hi there.

      All links are working fine. But it's not the first time we hear complains about 4Shared, so we added new links for every War album.

      Enjoy! :)

    2. Hi Leena Rock,

      First off, my apologies if you thought my comment implied the fault was in your hands. I felt (and needed) to explain the process so that you and other blog hosts would understand the situation as opposed to lazy comments eg "Link not working. Upload somewhere else" or simply "Not working."

      Anyway, a great big thank you for adding new links. I don't think that many bloggers would go out of their way to do that task, while the links are still working fine on the original host. You are all too kind. Much appreciated :)


    3. Ricky, we're always trying new servers, and I understand that some of them are just better than others, some people are just used to, especially after using only Yandex for a long time. 4Shared was a try out and it didn't really work as you have to open a new account and no blog should force that, in my opinion.

      Tha re-uploading is a matter of 'service', sometimes we will not upload new links because the original works just fine, but when there are issues, I will do my best to try and solve it :)

      You didn't really have to explain yourself but I do appreciate :)

      Thanks for always visiting!


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