Quill - Sursum Corda (1977) [USA, Progressive Rock]

Artist: Quill
Location: USA
Album: Sursum Corda
Year: 1977
Genre: Progressive Rock
Duration: 35:30
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. First Movement — 20:00 including:
a) Floating
b) Interlude
c) The March Of Dreams
d) The March Of Kings
e) Storming The Mountain
f) Princess Of The Mountain
g) Storming The Mountain (Part II)
02. Second Movement — 15:32 including:
a) The Call
b) Timedrift
c) Earthsplit
d) The Black Wizard
e) Counterspell
f) The White Wizard
g) The Hunt
h) Rising
i) The Spell
j) Sumnation
k) Finale

- Ken DeLoria — organ, synthesizer, ARP string ensemble, mellotron, harpsichord, piano, RMI keyboard computer, producer
- Keith Christian — vocals, bass, nylon string guitar
- Jim Sides — vocals, drums, cymbals, orchestra & tubular bells, timpani

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