Neil Young - Broken Arrow (1996) [Canada, Folk Rock/Country Rock]

Neil Young - Dead Man [Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture] (1995) [Canada, Experimental]

Deacon Blue ‎- When The World Knows Your Name (1989) [Scotland, New Wave/Pop Rock]

Deacon Blue ‎- Raintown (1987) [Scotland, New Wave/Pop Rock]

GNR - In Vivo (1990) [Portugal, Pop Rock/Art Rock]

Big Country ‎- The Seer (1986) [Scotland, New Wave/Post Punk/Celtic Folk]

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Bad Religion - The Gray Race (1996) [USA, Hardcore/Punk Rock]

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Failure ‎- Magnified (1994) [USA, Alternative Rock]

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P.J. Proby - P.J. Proby (1965) [USA/England, Rock & Roll/Beat]

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The Railway Children ‎- Reunion Wilderness (1987) [England, New Wave/Indie Rock]

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Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel [AKA Security] (1982) [England, Art Rock/New Wave]

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Pain Of Salvation - Remedy Lane (2002) [Sweden, Progressive Metal]

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Aerosmith - Classics Live! 2 (1987) [USA, Blues Rock/Hard Rock]

Aerosmith - Classics Live! (1986) [USA, Blues Rock/Hard Rock]

Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος & Οι Απροσάρμοστοι [Pavlos Sidiropoulos & Oi Aprosarmostoi] - Εν Λευκώ [En Lefkó] (1982) [Greece, Blues Rock]

Neil Young - Mirror Ball (1995) [Canada, Alternative Rock]

Neil Young - Sleeps With Angels (1994) [Canada, Alternative Rock/Blues Rock]

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Los Jockers - La Leyenda De Los Jockers (2000) [Chile, Garage Rock]

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Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction (1994) [USA, Hardcore/Punk Rock]

Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate (1993) [USA, Hardcore/Punk Rock]

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