B.B. Muñoz - Civilizacion (1974) [Argentina, Folk Rock]

Artist: B.B. Muñoz
Location: Argentina
Album: Civilizacion
Year: 1974
Genre: Folk Rock
Duration: 31:39
Format: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)

All tracks written by B.B. Muñoz, except where noted.
01. Pueblo Ahora - 4:09
02. Un Velero De Papel - 3:40
03. De Que Sirvo? - 5:43
04. Canción Para Una Niña - 2:23
05. Sólo Un Gorrión - 5:07
06. No Me Importa Caminar - 3:25
07. Dónde Está La Flor? (B.B. Muñoz, F. Cabral) - 2:39
08. Civilizacion - 4:29

- B.B. Muñoz - vocals, acoustic guitar
- others

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  1. My God! Why are you doing that to me! I hoped that Up4Ever days were long gone and now... So many other hosts (Mega, Zippy, Mail, Anon, Yandex etc.) you've utilized and no problem! Now the dreadful one is back!

    1. Don't worry, that was an old link. We're not using Up 4 Ever anymore :)

    2. Great news indeed! Since it's absolutely impossible to download this album from this "wanna-be" host, can you upload it somewhere (anywhere) else? Thanks!

    3. We added a second link, but there's really something going on with your computer. Because the download started and finished without any problem here.


  2. Thanks again! As for my computer, you mean my three (3) Windows 10, 64 bit computers: A PC (my main computer), a lap-top and a tablet - I cannot download with either of them from Up4Ever, let alone that I can't do that from my Android phone and my wife's Android tablet. Please stay away from that host and upload wherever else you like - I will owe you!

  3. For some time it has been very difficult to download music from this site, and every day it gets worse, it's a shame because there is a lot of good material here. Thanks anyway

    1. We didn't change anything and use different servers people complain, we change the script so users will see less ads and add new servers to make it easier to download people complain...


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