Jean Paul ''El Troglodita'' - Vudú (1973) [Peru, Psychedelic Rock/Pop Rock]

Artist: Jean Paul "El Troglodita"
Location: Peru
Album: Vudú
Year: 1973
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 31:30
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Vudú (Jean Paul) - 4:30
02. Any Time (Phil Trim) - 3:20
03. Peace And Love (Maldonado, Torres) - 3:09
04. Everything Is Gonna Change (Tomás Pacheco) - 4:02
05. Te Amo Mas (Rogelio Gonzáles) - 2:54
06. Mammy Blue (Gefingal, Giraud) - 3:49
07. Soñar, Bailar Y Cantar (Jay, Heider, Relin) - 3:11
08. Remember My Love (Jean Paul) - 3:19
09. Portense Bien (Eric Burdon, Jean Paul) - 3:13

- Jean Paul "El Troglodita" - vocals
- David Levene - guitar
- Saúl Cornejo - guitar
- Ernesto Samamé - bass
- Manuel Cornejo - drums

Download: MeGa


  1. Hello there Leena..
    Because of your good attention to proper labeling I discovered the related LAGHONIA albums which I would otherwise not have ever known about or found. The content, style and quality of these psychedelic albums from Peru in this time period surprised me. So.. there are many great things to say about your site, but today I'd like to focus on thanking you for all of your attention to organization and correctness.. these efforts are not unnoticed or unappreciated!

    1. Hello mrRadio,

      First of all, it's actually great to hear that. Because I do put a lot of effort to try and label everything correctly, exactly so it's easier for people to discover more albums/bands. And it's good to see that all my effort is not in vain. Thanks :)

      About Peru, it's actually incredible the number of bands/albums they did release in late 60's and early 70's, and they were, indeed, ahead of the other South American countries, I would say only Brazil had as much of high quality rock music during period as Peru :)


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