Harmonium - L'heptade (1976) [Canada, Progressive Folk/Progressive Rock]

Artist: Harmonium
Location: Canada
Album: L'heptade
Year: 1976
Genre: Progressive Folk, Progressive Rock
Duration: 46:02 + 38:37 (Double Album)
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All music by Serge Fiori, except where noted. All lyrics by Serge Fiori and Michel Normandeau, except where noted.
Disc 1
01. Prologue (Neil Chotem) - 4:27
02. Comme Un Fou - 7:46
03. Sommeil Sans Rêves (Neil Chotem) - 1:22
04. Chanson Noire - 8:07
05. Le Premier Ciel - 11:24
06. L'exil - 12:55
Disc 2
01. Le Corridor - 7:45
02. Lumières De Vie - 14:10
03. Comme Un Sage - 13:54
04. Épilogue - 2:47

- Serge Fiori - lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals
- Louis Valois - bass
- Neil Chotem - celesta, electric & acoustic pianos, synthesizers, conductor
- Denis Farmer - drums, percussion
- Robert Stanley - lead electric guitar
- Serge Locat - mellotron, organ, piano, synthesizers
- Estelle Ste-Croix, Monique Fauteux, Pierre Bertrand, Richard Séguin - backing vocals
- Jack Cantor - cello
- Jeanne Baxtresse - flute
- Anthony Chotem - acoustic guitar (1-2)
- Dorothy E. Masella - harp
- Peter Bowman - oboe
- Louis Charbonneau - percussion
- Calvin Sieb - violin
- Michel Lachance - producer

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  1. Hello,
    My computer says there's a malware or a virus in the file ? (strange and unusual...)

    1. Hello JP, you've been downloading from the blog for quite a while now and you know that we do not have any virus in our files.

      Your Antivirus probably caught something in the ads from the servers or it blacklisted the server.

      You can trust in our files, you know that ;)

  2. JP.. Leena's comment the server may be blacklisted may be your issue.. the Chrome browser currently flags anything from FILEUPLOAD (www.file-up.org) as dangerous. Trust Leena on this.. I have NEVER had issues with her site's content. If using Chrome, all you have to do is open a Downloads tab (from the menu or Ctrl+J) and press buttons to keep the "dangerous" file anyway. If you are still concerned and because Leena does not use passwords, you can still scan the downloaded suspect archive manually with your virus scanner of choice before you unpack it, and that should put your mind at ease. You will find Chrome is currently disliking the FileUploads site or servers.. not the file itself. Anyway, I can vouch for this file being a "good" download and a good listen.. Cheers to all!

    1. Can't thank you enough mrRadio. Thanks for the trust and for the info on this :)

  3. Thank you MrRadio for these details. I fully trust this wonderful site too. I use firefox, which apparently acts like Chrome. But I found a solution. File-up files are still marked as "virus or malware" but I ignore the message and unlock the files without difficulties.
    And yes, Harmonium is a great band, I bought audiotapes a long time ago, but they are damaged since a long time.


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