Happy Days - Happy Days (1973) [England, Psychedelic Rock/Country Rock]

Artist: Happy Days
Location: England
Album: Happy Days
Year: 1973
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Country Rock
Duration: 30:29
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Jesus What Are Little Kids For? (George Ace, Malcolm Morley) - 2:56
02. Virginia (Vivian Morris) - 3:41
03. Waiting At The Station (Martin Ace) - 4:27
04. Seashell (George Ace) - 2:53
05. I've Got Beautiful You (Martin Ace, George Ace, Malcolm Morley) - 4:50
06. My Friend (Vivian Morris) - 7:45
07. Elephant By My Side (Martin Ace) - 3:57

Help Yourself:
- Malcolm Morley - piano (02-04,07), guitar (05), acoustic guitar (06)
- Richard Treece - guitar (01,06), harmonica (02), lead guitar (03), slide guitar (07)
- Ken Whaley - bass (01-03,06)
- Dave Charles - drums (01-07)
- Vivian "Spiv" Morris - vocals (01,02,04,06), guitar (02,06)
- Martin Ace (The Flying Aces) - vocals (03-05,07), guitar (02,03), bass (04,05,07)
- George Ace (Georgina Ace) (The Flying Aces) - female vocals (03,04,07), guitar (03), acoustic guitar (04,07)
- Paul Burton - guitar (05), rhythm guitar (07)

Download: Yandex


  1. Leena.. Hi again.. Just to call your attention that the group is "Help Yourself" as the red-lettered cover title shows. I think you know this already as your labeling is correct. I believe it was an extra free album which came with certain editions of "The Return Of Ken Whaley" LP in the UK.
    See the Discogs link...
    Also, not sure if you run this blog yourself or have help, but it's excellent in all ways.

    1. Hi there mrRadio. First, thanks for the info. This one was hard to pintpoint. Because there are different editions, but if you look at the link you gave me, you will see that the LP labels say only Happy Days and I usually go for labels since artwork can be deceptive. Also, there is actually artwork only with Happy Days, the red Help Yourself lettering, supposedly, is for a re-edition.

      Also, Help Yourself is indeed the backbone of the album, but there are so many guests that I decided upon the 'original' name but putting it under the Help Yourself tag too :)

      Second, I have help here and there but the blog is mainly run but one person, me, Leena :)


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