The Dealians - Dance To The Dealians (1972) [South Africa, Pop Rock]

Artist: The Dealians
Location: South Africa
Album: Dance To The Dealians
Year: 1972
Genre: Pop Rock
Duration: 34:52
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Dancing Shoes (Welch, Marvin, Small)/Do You Wanna Dance (Freeman)/Radancer (C- Nicholson) - 2:14
02. Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Proud Mary/Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty) - 2:41
03. I Can See Clearly Now (Nash) - 2:47
04. I Believe In Music (Davis) - 3:04
05. Two Of Us (Bernstein, Krentzman) - 3:06
06. I'll Take What I Want (Mac Donald) - 2:32
07. Bubblegum Hit Medley - 3:06
- Nice To Be With You (Webb)
- Sunshine Lover (Boone, McQueen)
- Mama Papa (Tielman, Sydney)
- Every Day Every Night (Panzeri, Pace, Dempsey, Edmund)
08. Twenty Miles (Mann, Lowe) - 2:29
09. Baby How'd We Ever Get This Way - 3:09
10. Moon Shadow (Stevens) - 2:48
11. You've Got A Friend (King) - 4:18
12. It Must Be Love (Cooper) - 2:32

- Laurene Gordon - vocals
- Ian MacDonald - bass
- Len Cooper - trumpet
- Mike Fuller - guitar
- Mike Rome - drums

Download: Up 4 Ever


  1. This is the second time I have been unable to download a file you are promoting. I would love to hear this one, but I can't get it. I follow all the click heres, skip ads, click boxes, create links, and they all lead nowhere. I have wasted 10 minutes of time with two different browsers.

    I understand your need to collect revenue, but this is a very user-unfriendly system and I will not be visiting your blog anymore.


    1. Mark, are you using ADBlock or are you using the incognito option of your browser? Because we here in the HQ can download this file in 3 different computers and 3 different networks without any problem.

      Also, 9 out of 10 times people complain about files not being able to download is due to ADBlock


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