Ednardo - Berro (1976) [Brazil, Psychedelic Folk/MPB]

Artist: Ednardo
Location: Brazil
Album: Berro
Year: 1976
Genre: Psychedelic Folk, MPB
Duration: 39:03
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All tracks written by Ednardo, except where noted.
01. Berro - 2:21
02. Artigo 26 - 3:42
03. Franciscana (Ednardo, Roberto Aurélio) - 2:12
04. Passeio Público - 4:37
05. Longarinas - 6:41
06. Abertura - 3:29
07. Vaila (Brandão, Ednardo) - 3:17
08. Classificaram (Brandão, Ednardo) - 5:08
09. Padaria Espiritual - 3:04
10. Sonidos - 2:44
11. Estaca Zero (Climério, Ednardo) - 1:42

- Ednardo (José Ednardo Soares Costa Sousa) - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
- Maria Aparecida - backing vocals
- Mário Henrique - bass
- Heraldo Do Monte - viola (5)
- Manasses De Souza - viola (7)
- Cirino - acoutic guitar (8)

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  3. Hi, I also had difficulty with this one.

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