More and more people are complaining: ' doesn't', ' doesn't work' or 'Up 4 Ever doesn't work'... They do!

Of course there is the eventual problem with the links/websites but we check EVERY LINK POSTED and they work! And if they work with us they work with you! Simple as that.

There are several things that may cause problems with the downloads, maybe you should clean your cookies, maybe you should just try another browser, maybe you're using the Incognito option of your browser (that also blocks some websites), maybe your Antivirus is blocking one of these URL, but 99,99% of times the problem is one and only: AdBlock!

Yeah, ads on websites are boring and they can be tiresome, sure, but all of the above mentioned sites work with ADS to create their revenue and keep their servers for free and if you're using AdBlock to block their ADS they block you! Simple as that.
And let's be honest, if you're downloading music for free and still complaining about ADS pages... well, who has a problem, really?

If you want to use our website to the max you HAVE to disable your AdBlock while visiting us. If you rather not turn it off, well... I am pretty sure you will find another download website out there with almost 11 thousand links and 5 posts a day for your pleasure...

Of course sometimes there are problems with the servers and we appreciate when you guys let us know about these things in the comments (Blocked/offline files, old Linkbucks links, etc), but please try to turn off AdBlock before leaving a comment when you're not able to download a file.

RNRA team


  1. That's right. just a few hours ago , i discovered this blogg ; after check the BITRATE of the posts info , i disabled my ADBLOCKER and all the links are working RIGHT. Thanks and greetings from México.


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