Player - Player (1977) [USA, AOR/Pop Rock]

Artist: Player
Location: USA
Album: Player
Year: 1977
Genre: AOR, Pop Rock
Duration: 39:34
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Come On Out (J.C.Crowley) - 3:43
02. Baby Come Back (Peter Beckett, J.C.Crowley) - 4:11
03. Goodbye (That's All I Ever Heard) (J.C.Crowley) - 3:49
04. Melanie (J.Crocker) - 3:44
05. Every Which Way (Peter Beckett, J.C.Crowley) - 3:40
06. This Time I'm In It For Love (Larry Keith, Steve Pippin) - 4:23
07. Love Is Where You Find It (J.Crocker, J.C.Crowley, Reed Kailing) - 4:01
08. Movin' Up (J.Crocker, Reed Kailing, Steve Kipner) - 2:54
09. Cancellation (J.Crocker, Reed Kailing, Steve Kipner) - 4:07
10. Trying To Write A Hit Song (R.L. Mahonin) - 4:38

- J.C.Crowley (John Charles Crowley II) - keyboards, synthesizer, guitar, lead vocals (01-03,06,07)
- Peter Beckett - guitar, lead vocals (04-09)
- Ronn Moss (Ronn Montague Moss) - bass, lead vocals (10)
- John Friesen - drums
- Wayne Cook - keyboards, synthesizer
- Reed Kailing - guitar
- Gary Coleman - percussion, vibes
- Jay Lewis - acoustic & pedal steel guitars, engineer
- Jim Horn - saxophone, flute
- Jack White - drums
- Michael Omartian - synthesizer
- Brian Potter, Dennis Lambert - producers

Download: Up 4 Ever


  1. Having a lot of trouble using Up 4 Ever on both Chrome & Safari. Any tips? Or any chance reupping on one of your usual platforms? Thanks

    1. Hi there, we heard complains but to be honest we're not sure what the problem is. Here we can download from Up 4 Ever just normally. And on top of that we have many months in advance for posting like this. So re-upload everything would be just impossible.

      You could try a cookies cleaning just to rule out this problem

  2. Hello! I'm having trouble with Up 4 Ever also...just keep getting re-directed and not able to download...the other ones seem to work fine tho...thank you for all the music :)

    1. Hi Albert, just like the previous comment, I will ask you to try and cleaning cookies and trying with another browser to see if that helps!


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