Los Silvertons - La Vuelta (1967) [Peru, Beat/Garage Rock]

Artist: Los Silvertons
Location: Peru
Album: La Vuelta
Year: 1967
Genre: Beat, Garage Rock
Duration: 29:48
Format: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)

01. La Vuelta - 2:48
02. Te Vi Llorar - 2:20
03. Es La Lluvia Que Cae - 2:41
04. Ternura - 3:21
05. Se Que No Vendras - 2:09
06. Llora Conmigo - 2:10
07. Te Puedes Ir En Paz - 2:14
08. Por Ti Estoy Sufriendo - 2:29
09. La Moto - 2:51
10. Vivo Sin Ti - 2:09
11. No Cometere Ese Error - 1:59
12. Palabra de Amor - 2:30

- Tito Rojas - vocals
- Coco Cotas - lead guitar
- Tommy Davis - rhythm guitar
- Coco Guerra - bass
- Coco García - drums

Download: AnonFiles


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  2. Because it does work for all of us in the RNRA team? Because we tried the links in 4 different computers in 4 different connections and we didn't have any problem at all with any of the links?

  3. In this comment section:
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    1. I understand that you and others are having problems to download. But what can I say? It DOES work!

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  5. This is the last time I bother you about this matter! Up 4 Ever was working sometime ago and I was able to download files - then it stopped working for a while and after that all my actions (described in previous posts) end up like this
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  6. I have the SAME problem of DFL. I'm using MAC OS MOJAVE 10.14.3 with SAFARI AND Google CHROME... and I always see de message: "Expired download Session". I think this is a problem o the Up4ever. I found this site, looking for THIS PROBLEM. :/


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