Fagner - Ave Noturna (1975) [Brazil, Folk Rock/Psychedelic Folk]

Artist: Fagner
Location: Brazil
Album: Ave Noturna
Year: 1975
Genre: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Folk
Duration: 33:50
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Fracassos (Raimundo Fagner) - 3:42
02. A Palo Seco (Belchior) - 3:33
03. O Astro Vagabundo (Raimundo Fagner, Fausto Nillo) - 2:49
04. Beco Dos Baleiros (Papéis De Chocolate) (Petrúcio Maia, Brandão) - 2:40
05. Riacho Do Navio (Zé Dantas, Luiz Gonzaga) - 4:22
06. Estrada De Santana (Petrúcio Maia, Brandão) - 3:57
07. Última Mentira (Raimundo Fagner, Capinan) - 2:44
08. Retrato Marrom (Rodger Rogério, Fausto Nillo) - 2:37
09. Ave Noturna (Raimundo Fagner, Cacá Diegues) - 4:03
10. Antonio Conselheiro (Bumba Meu Boi) (Traditional) - 3:17

- Raimundo Fagner - vocals, acoustic guitar
- Chico Batera - drums
- Wagner Tiso - keyboards
- Nicolino Cópia (Copinha) - flute
- Toninho Horta - guitar
- Robertinho do Recife - guitar
- Luiz Alves - bass
- Tião Neto - bass
- Lulu Santos - guitar
- Luiz Paulo Simas - keyboards
- Aluízio Milanes - keyboards
- Sérgio Carvalho - keyboards
- Aizyk - guitars
- Neco - guitars
- Erasto Carlos - backing vocals
- Amelinha - backing vocals
- Carlos Alberto Sion - producer

Download: Up 4 Ever


  1. Folk as in accent, the peculiar northeastern accent, so that's the way Fagner sings, nothing wrong.

  2. Not sure what's going on with Up 4 Ever, the last two days I get the message bad gateway. When I try again I get bogus virus warning messages telling me my computer has been blocked. Love your blog.

    1. Hi there Terry. We are already aware of this error. In the last couple of days Up4Ever was offline but it got back today, we're still having problems with the downloads though.

      Anyway, we already contacted them twice, please wait for a few more days, I am pretty sure everything will be back to normal soon :)

      About the virus message, we are fighting with Shorte.st for them to fix it, but that takes time, a lot of time. But just keep using the blog normally, there are no viruses, it's just that Google got their URL in their banned list and now they have to clean it :)


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