The Reggie Knighton Band - The Reggie Knighton Band (1978) [USA, Pop Rock/AOR]

Artist: The Reggie Knighton Band
Location: USA
Album: The Reggie Knighton Band
Year: 1978
Genre: Pop Rock, AOR
Duration: 37:23
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All songs written by Reggie Knighton except where noted.
01. Breakin' Up Inside - 4:01
02. Rock 'N' Roll Alien - 3:56
03. The King And I - 2:50
04. Clone In Love - 3:52
05. Lear Jet - 4:05
06. Highway Patrol - 2:53
07. UFO (Reggie Knighton, Kurtis Teel) - 5:04
08. Ooh Girl - 3:12
09. Magnum Sally - 2:42
10. Behind A Rock 'N' Roll Band - 4:48    

- Reggie Knighton - guitar, vocals
- Brian Ray - guitar
- Kurtis Teel - bass
- Glenn Symmonds - drums, percussion, backing vocals
- John Staehely - guitar
- Jon Lind, Richard Hovey - backing vocals
- Geoff Workman - string ensemble
- Roy Thomas Baker - producer

Download: Yandex


  1. I hate to keep filling this section out but now I cannot get to the Yandex link because the precursor page won't open it up. This has been the most aggravating week or two in your history, as this makes at least four times I can't dl files. Usually after a few hours it rights itself, but the way it keeps screwing up later -constantly - is upsetting....

    1. S.D. Joe, I understand that this may be really really upseting but I don't know what to tell you at this moment. I checked the file and it's working, I just downloaded it. So I am not sure what's happening when you try.


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