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Düde Dürst - Krokodil Solo (1970) [Switzerland, Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock]

Artist: Düde Dürst
Location: Switzerland
Album: Krokodil Solo
Year: 1970
Genre: Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock
Duration: 39:27
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Chemical Harvest — 19:32 including
a) The Preparation
b) Consumation & Anticipation
c) Utilization
02. The Sound Of Sunshine — 16:55 including
a) Sounds Of Sunshine
b) Heaven Help Us
c) The Leaving Examination
d) Fatigue

- Düde Dürst — drums, tabla, gong, percussion, vocals
- Brew Bruckner — guitar
- Terry Stevens — bass, piano, percussion, vocals
- Jonas C. Häfeli — flute, soprano saxophone

Download: Cloud Mail Ru


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