The Electric Flag - A Long Time Comin' (1968) [USA, Blues Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

Artist: The Electric Flag
Location: USA
Album: A Long Time Comin'
Year: 1968
Genre: Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 40:44
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Killing Floor (Chester Burnett) - 4:09
02. Groovin' Is Easy (Ron Polte) - 3:04
03. Over-Lovin' You (Barry Goldberg, Mike Bloomfield) - 2:09
04. She Should Have Just (Ron Polte) - 5:01
05. Wine (trad., Mike Bloomfield) - 3:14
06. Texas (Buddy Miles, Mike Bloomfield) - 4:46
07. Sittin' In Circles (Barry Goldberg) - 3:52
08. You Don't Realize (Mike Bloomfield) - 4:57
09. Another Country (Ron Polte) - 8:43
10. Easy Rider (Mike Bloomfield) - 0:50

- Mike Bloomfield - guitar, percussion, vocals
- Barry Goldberg - keyboards
- Harvey Brooks - bass, guitar, percussion
- Buddy Miles - drums, percussion, vocals
- Nick Gravenites - guitar, percussion
- Herbie Rich - keyboards, tenor & baritone saxophone, vocals
- Michael Fonfara - keyboards
- Marcus Doubleday - trumpet, percussion
- Peter Strazza - tenor saxophone
- Stemsy Hunter - alto saxophone, vocals
- Richie Havens - sitar, percussion
- Sivuca (Severino Dias de Oliveira) - guitar, percussion
- Paul Beaver - Moog synthesizer
- Bob Notkoff, Julius Held, Leo Daruczek, George Brown, Leo Daruczek - Strings
- Cass Elliot - female vocals (02)
- John Court - percussion, vocals, producer
- Joe Church - percussion, producer

Download: Yandex


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    1. 'A Joke' you say? Almost 10 thousand albums, ALL AVAILABLE it's a joke for you because of a pop up? Well, be my guest to find another blog that has as much content as we have and with that amount of links available...

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  2. Escelentes discos, y los enlaces funcionan perfectamente. Gracias y saludos.

  3. Once every 5 minutes? There are pop-ups each time the page loads - obviously you have no concept of how your blog is being accessed by others...


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