The Chocolate Watch Band - The Inner Mystique (1968) [USA, Psychedelic Rock/Garage Rock]

Artist: The Chocolate Watch Band
Location: USA
Album: The Inner Mystique
Year: 1968
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock
Duration: 39:07 (with Bonuses)
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Voyage Of The Trieste (Ed Cobb) - 3:37
02. In The Past (Wayne Proctor) - 3:06
03. Inner Mystique (Ed Cobb) - 5:34
04. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Ray Davies) - 3:41
05. Medication (Ben DiTosti, Minette Alton) - 2:04
06. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (Hank Ballard) - 2:15
07. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan) - 3:11
08. I Ain't No Miracle Worker (Nancy Mantz, Annette Tucker) - 2:48
09. She Weaves A Tender Trap (single B-side,1967) (Ed Cobb) - 3:28
10. Misty Lane (single A-side,1967) (Martin Siegel) - 3:16
11. Baby Blue (single B-side,1967) (Bob Dylan) - 3:12
12. Sweet Young Thing (single A-side,1967) (Ed Cobb) - 2:55

- Dave Aguilar - lead vocals, harmonica, percussion
- Mark Loomis - lead guitar, vocals
- Sean Tolby - rhythm guitar
- Bill Flores - bass
- Gary Andrijasevich - drums
- Don Bennett, Ethon McElroy - arrangers
- Ed Cobb - producer

Download: Yandex


  1. What goes on here? Every album I've tried to DL lately - this one, Morse Code's PROCREATION, the Tubes' REMOTE CONTROL - is "file download limit exceeded. You can only save it to Yandex.Disk".....and once you get that notice the album is never again available for DL!

    This is not just highly annoying, it's driving me (and I assume, others) away from the site. What's the point of being tempted, when Yandex won't let me near the fucking thing to listen to?

    Sorry for being angry, but....I AM angry!


    1. Lou I understand. But please read this:

      Right now it's ok, it's just a question of peak moments. Usually if you try to download an album from 1/2 days ago it's completely fine.

      We're trying to upload to different servers and we're trying to use different Yandex accounts, it's annoying not just for you :(

  2. Thanks for your prompt reply (and my assurances that I'm not trying to bite anyone's head off!)

    The situation, however, is this: if an album came up as "download limit exceeded" yesterday, or three months ago, that album is permanently "exceeded". I tried dl'ing the Tubes REMOTE CONTROL weeks ago, and every couple of days I take another whack at it: no good. That record will be blocked (to what, I guess, is my IP#) for all eternity. So every album that turns up as "limit exceeded" stays that way. The other problem is that it's happening more and more frequently.

    Hoping this can be straightened out in the end....thanks for all your efforts, regardless, I (obviously) love the site.

    1. Yeah, we do understand that. And I know it's boring, but you should definitely create an account on Yandex. Because then you just save that album to your account and download it from there. No limits then and it's all free. Later you delete the album (if you want) and you will never run out of space.

      We are trying to use more servers, but after all these years and 10 thousand posts, it's impossible to change all those links and re-upload everything.

    2. "You should definitely create an account on Yandex. Because then you just save that album to your account and download it from there..."

      Oh believe me I've tried. Slight problem: I can't make head or toe of Cyrillic characters which is the only language the account registration is written in. I'm fairly good when it comes to guesstimating at foreign languages - dl'ing from MyFiles, for instance, is pretty simple - but Yandex asks you to fill in several specific blanks AFTER you've filled in your username & email address....I haven't a clue as to what they want from me.

    3. Wait; last-minute Happy Ending. Now don't ask me how - or what - I did, because I'm not at all sure myself, but I did manage to stumble my way into a Yandex account.

      No question it's a helluva lot easier if you're familiar with the Russian language, but it CAN be done; I'm living proof. I'd call my method a mixture of common sense and playing wild hunches.

    4. Fantastic S.D. Joe :)

      But just a heads up. Yandex is available in English too :)

      If you go to on the top right corner they have two options, the language and Log In. I am not sure about you, but mine comes automatically in english.

      Also, you can change the language in the download page:



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