Premiata Forneria Marconi - Per Un Amico (1972) [Italy, Progressive Rock]

Artist: Premiata Forneria Marconi
Location: Italy
Album: Per Un Amico
Year: 1972
Genre: Progressive Rock
Duration: 70:02 (with Bonuses)
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Appena Un Pò - 7:43
02. Generale - 4:18
03. Per Un Amico - 5:23
04. Il Banchetto - 8:39
05. Geranio - 8:03

- Franco Mussida - vocals, guitar, 12 string guitar, chitarrone, mandocello
- Franz Di Cioccio -  drums, percussion, vocals
- Mauro Pagani - flutes, violin, vocals
- Giorgio Piazza - bass, vocals
- Flavio Premoli - spinetta, organ, synthesizer, mellotron, tubular bells, clavicembalo, piano, vocals

Download: Up 4 Ever


  1. What happened to Yandex?
    Only 1 file and no more; it used to be many files before...

    1. Hi Tim, Yandex changed the way it works and we're having many many problems with files that are blocked just a few hours after its posted. So we have to find another servers to help ease that out. We are still going to use Yandex, but other servers like Mega, Mediafire and Up 4 Ever, too.

      You can read more about Yandex here

    2. It's not a big deal to register in Yandex and have your own space there! I did it myself and now I can upload to my Yandex Disk, let aside that I can download everything without delay!

    3. True, this is absolutely true. But not everybody is willing to do that. And when someone comes to the blog for the first time and try the first link and it doesn't work... they don't come back anymore. So we prefer to spread the albums a little bit in other servers. But don't worry, we're still using Yandex as the main one!

  2. Problem is, it's in Russian...

    1. Yandex? Yes it is, but there are language options and English is one of them.

  3. Replies
    1. So you're doing something very wrong, or something... see link:


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