Ache - Blå Som Altid (1977) [Denmark, Progressive Rock]

Artist: Ache
Location: Denmark
Album: Blå Som Altid
Year: 1977
Genre: Progressive Rock
Duration: 36:02
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Den Mellemliggende Tid — 7:14 including:
a) Du Får Vinger Nu
b) Aida
c) Husker Du Den 27.
d) Trist Som Uret Går
e) I Vort Lille Univers
f) Nylon Næsten Nok
02. Kilometerstenen — 5:07
03. Pantomime — 5:41
04. Evig Søndag — 6:18
05. Perafinn — 1:35
06. Se Dig Omkring — 4:36
07. Ingen Returbillet — 5:34

- Johnnie Gellett — vocals, guitar, percussion
- Finn Olafsson — guitar, backing vocals
- Per Wium — keyboards, backing vocals
- Steen Toft Andersen — bass, harmonica, backing vocals
- Gert Smedegaard — drums, backing vocals

Download: Mediafire


  1. Mediafire link doesn't seem to be avaiable anymore.
    Thanks for all your contributions... it's difficlut to keep up, so many bands I've never heard of.

    1. Hi there, thanks for the nice words :)

      But just a heads up, the link is working just fine, I just have downloaded the file. Please try again!

    2. Yes, so it is... it was Midori linux browser that I was using that was the problem.
      Tried chrome, and it's ok. thanks.

    3. Thanks for letting us know what the problem was. And good to know you were able to download the file!

      Thanks for the visit :)


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