Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Pools Of Sorrow ~ Waves Of Joy (1993) [Netherlands, Pop Rock]

Artist: Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Location: Netherlands
Album: Pools Of Sorrow ~ Waves Of Joy
Year: 1993
Genre: Pop Rock
Duration: 46:35
Format: MP3 CBR 320
All songs written by Arjen Anthony Lucassen except where noted.
01. Wrong Side Of The Street - 5:14
02. Best Of Friends (Arjen Anthony Lucassen/Ian Parry) - 3:07
03. Crescendo - 3:37
04. Cry Yourself To Sleep (Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Cleem Determeijer/Arjen Anthony Lucassen) - 2:28
05. Little Miss Understood - 4:40
06. Escape - 4:17
07. Country Girl, City Boy - 2:42
08. Summer's In The Air - 2:34
09. Days Of The Knights - 3:15
10. Not Over You - 3:34
11. Night On The Town - 2:43
12. a-Losin' You - 3:44
13. Midnight Train - 2:47
14. Pools Of Sorrow - 1:53

- Anthony (Arjen Anthony Lucassen) - lead & backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, lute, keyboards, drum programming, producer
- Cleem Determeijer - keyboards
- Peter Vink - bass
- Debby Schreuder, Mirjam van Doorn - backing vocals

Download: Yandex


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    1. I am sorry to say, but McAfee and Norton are shitty Anti-Viruses programs. Instead of they blocking the malware coming to your computer they block the whole goddamn page, laziest programming is impossible.

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