Nova - Sun City (1978) [England, Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock]

Artist: Nova
Location: England
Album: Sun City
Year: 1978
Genre: Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock
Duration: 36:52
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Morning Flight — 6:04
02. Modern Living — 4:09
03. Illusion — 3:30
04. Light Were My Years — 4:51
05. Sailors — 3:45
06. Fantasies — 3:33
07. Lean On Me — 4:00
08. All You Have (Is What You Are) — 3:00
09. Starchild — 4:00

- Corrado Rustici — 6 & 12-string electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals
- Elio D’Anna — alto, tenor, soprano & baritone saxophones, flute
- Renato Rosset — Fender Rhodes piano, clavinet, piano, Mini Moog synthesizer, pipe organ, accordion, Hammond B-3 organ, tubular bells, backing vocals
Barry "SunJon" Johnson — bass, vocals, congas, tambourine
- Ric Parnell — drums, percussion, tambourine, syndrums, maracas
- Stasha Qamar — finger cymbals (07)
- Jesse Ehrlich — cello (09)
- The Betty And John Joyce Choir — additional vocals
- John Ryan — producer

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  1. FYI Italian band - recorded album in the Sound City Studios in L.A in 1978. A long way from England ?

    1. Not really! The core members of the band were Italian? Yes! The band was formed in Italy? No!

      For us here on RNRA what matters most is where the band artist started its musical career, not where they were born. There are many many cases of artists who were born, let's say England, but moved with 5 years old to Australia and started music there, so this artist is not English!

      To confirm my claim I will just copy Italian Prog text here (

      'After the split of Uno, former Osanna founders Elio D'Anna and Danilo Rustici stayed in London and formed another band called Nova with other well-known Italian musicians as Corrado Rustici from Cervello and Dede Lo Previte from Circus 2000....
      Since the following LP their records never gained an Italian release, the band having now stably moved to England and, since 1978, to the USA.'

      This band never really played in Italy and its records were never released there, can you really say this is an Italian band? :)

  2. Of course they're Italian, no matter if they lived or released their discs in Britain or USA.
    See also ProgArchives:

    1. Your own link for Progarchives states: ...the band was created in London in the mid-70's...

      and I close my case :)


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