Group 1850 - Paradise Now (1969) [Netherlands, Psychedelic Rock]

Artist: Group 1850
Location: Netherlands
Album: Paradise Now
Year: 1969
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 36:19
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Paradise Now (Daniel van Bergen, Peter Sjardin) - 5:21
02. Friday I'm Free (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 2:51
03. Hunger (Daniel van Bergen, Peter Sjardin) - 4:54
04. Circle (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 1:08
05. Loneliness (Dave Duba, Daniel van Bergen, Peter Sjardin) - 2:15
06. Martin & Peter (Martin van Duinhoven, Peter Sjardin) - 1:55
07. ? ! (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 7:03
08. Purple Sky (Dave Duba, Peter Sjardin) - 10:51

- Peter Sjardin - vocals, Farfisa organ, flute, producer
- Dave Duba - guitar
- Daniel (Dean) van Bergen - guitar
- Dolf Geldof - bass
- Martin van Duinhoven - drums

Download: Yandex


  1. Hi
    I have every relase by this group. I can offer
    Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth (with bonus and 3D specs)
    Live On Tour
    One Eight Five Zero Live

    all 320 no artwork.

    1. hi there, we really appreciate your offer

      The Agemo's Trip album was already posted with Bonuses:

      The others we don't have, so if you wish please send them to

      Just a warning that will take a while for them to be posted, but they will :)


    2. I've put them in Dropbox. (You have the link from previously when I sent Alternative TV). Please remove ALL the files folders so I know you've got what you need. I have more LZ (eg. bbc) but I need some space for other purposes. I'll drop those in once the first lot have been removed.

    3. Thanks! Will do it today :)


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