Ice - The Saga (2005) [Netherlands, Neo Prog]

Artist: Ice
Location: Netherlands
Album: The Saga
Year: 2005
Genre: Neo Prog
Duration: 60:59
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Strangelight (Ardie Westdijk, Rene Sterk, Hein van den Broek) - 7:18
02. Farewell (Chris van Hoogdalem,  Rene Sterk) - 2:55
03. The Trail (Ardie Westdijk) - 6:08
04. Why Me (Ardie Westdijk, Rene Sterk) - 4:51
05. Shining (Ardie Westdijk, Chris van Hoogdalem, Rene Sterk, Hein van den Broek) - 7:01
06. Setback (Ardie Westdijk, Rene Sterk) - 7:10
07. Not Only Love (Hein van den Broek) - 5:17
08. The River (Ardie Westdijk, Rene Sterk, Hein van den Broek) - 7:13
09. No Choice (Ardie Westdijk, Chris van Hoogdalem, Rene Sterk) - 4:10
10. This Battle (Chris van Hoogdalem, Rene Sterk) - 8:56

- Hein van den Broek - lead & backing vocals, guitar, harmonica
- Chris van Hoogdalem - guitars, backing vocals
- Ardie Westdijk - keyboards, synthesizers, artwork
- Hennie van Mourik - bass, backing vocals
- Rob Boshuijzen - drums, percussion
- Rene Sterk - lyrics
- Bert van Meeuwen - saxophone (07,10)
- Choir "Intermezzo" - choir (02,10)

Download: Yandex


  1. Does anyone know why I can't download whole rar file from yandex at once?
    I tried it in main file page and after clicking 'view' it doesn't work.
    It used to work from docviewer few months ago, but stopped working and the only way to download files is to download each file separately.

    1. Hi Sztermel, well, you shouldn't be using the 'View' option. That serves to see what files are inside the folder only.

      Please take a look on our 'How To Download' page here:

      You just use the Download option.

  2. Yes, that's the problem. When I click download button the download doesn't start at all.
    The 'view' option was a workaround for this problem, so I could download the whole rar file. Now it doesn't work, and I can only download files one by one from the folder.

    I tried Firefo and Microsoft Edge and both have the same problem.

    1. Hello Sztermel,

      I really don't know what to tell you, never seem this happening, and like I told you, we tried, in 4 different browsers, and it works everytime.

      There's another workaround though. Try this, create a Yandex account (free - and please read here if you decide to create one:

      Then you open the link you want to download, you save that file to your folder (the Yellow button on the left side of the Download button), then you download it directly from your own folder.


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