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Jimmy Page - Lucifer Rising Soundtrack (2002) [England, Heavy Psych/Experimental]

Artist: Jimmy Page
Location: England
Album: Lucifer Rising Soundtrack
Year: 2002 (Bootleg Album, originally recorded in 1972 but never officially released)
Genre: Heavy Psych, Experimental
Duration: 76:56
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All music written by Jimmy Page.
01. Lucifer Rising (Part 1) - 4:23
02. Incubus - 6:16
03. Damask (Part 1) - 5:58
04. Unharmonics - 1:12
05. Damask (Part 2) - 0:34
06. Ambient - 3:07
07. Lucifer Rising (Part 2) - 13:56
08. Percussive Return - 10:37
09. Dazed and Confused - 6:26
10. The Making Of Friends (Part 1) - 7:03
11. The Making Of Friends (Part 2) - 12:34
12. Friends - 3:53

- Jimmy Page no other credits given

Download: Yandex


  1. hummm.... where did you get this? at least tracks 1 thru 8 are NOT jimmy page's soundtrack: what i'm listening to is Bobby Beausoleil's music, which he composed to fit kenneth anger's film. since he was sento to jail for murder, the story goes that he ended up finishing the recording there, in prison, circa 1977! i have that official soundtrack on CD, which came out in 2004. this is just weird, or maybe the guy who put out the bootleg was just cashing in?

    1. Hi, thanks for your reply.

      Well, as mentioned on the post, this is a bootleg, it was never really released officialy and there are thousands of versions of this 'record'.
      This one in particular is Russian, but you can see here that there are at least 7 different versions of it:

      It was later released officially (http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/jimmy_page/lucifer_rising_and_other_sound_tracks/) but it's a kind of compilations with more than that OST.

      Anyway, thank you a lot for the clarification, it will be good for future readers that they are aware that this bootleg is of cheap quality :)


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