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Amazing Blondel - Fantasia Lindum (1971) [England, Folk Rock/Progressive Folk]

Artist: Amazing Blondel
Location: England
Album: Fantasia Lindum
Year: 1971
Genre: Folk Rock, Progressive Folk
Duration: 35:55
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. Fantasia Lindum (John David Gladwin) - 20:11 including:
a). Prelude and Theme
b). Song "Swifts, Swains and Leafy Lanes"
c). Dance "Jig Upon Jig"
d). Theme (Lutes and Recorder)
e). Dance Galliard "God Must Doubt"
f). Song "Lincolnshire Lullaby"
g). Dance "Basse Dance"
h). Theme (Lute Duet)
i). Dance "Quatre Dance Pavan"
j). Song "Celestial Light" (for Lincoln Cathedral)
k). Dance "Coranto"
l). Theme (Lutes and Recorders)
02. To Ye (John David Gladwin) - 3:24
03. Safety In God Alone (John David Gladwin) - 4:19
04. Two Dances - 1:56 incliding:
a). Almaine (Edward Baird)
b). Bransle "For My Ladys' Delight"
05. Three Seasons Almaine (John David Gladwin) - 3:32
06. Siege Of Yaddlethorpe (Terence Alan Wincott) - 2:29

- John David Gladwin - second lute, lead vocals, double bass, theorboe
- Terence Alan Wincott - recorders, vocals, crumhorn, harpsichord, piano, harmonium, percussion, other woodwind
- Edward Baird - first lute, vocals, glockenspiel, dulcimer, guitar
- Jim Capaldi - drums (06)
- Paul Samwell-Smith - producer

Download: Yandex