2 Years - Happy Birthday Rock And Roll! (2016)

It's time again! Unbelievable after so many problems that we actually arrived here, 2 years later...

This blog has a complicated story, and it's good that the new readers got a chance to know what happened this last year and how much trouble we went through to get you all this albums.

Initially Rock And Roll Archives was set on a blog.com address, which was just terrible (that's why you never see any blog.com blogs around, ever), then 3 months later we went to a wordpress.com address but that was a problem, after 3 months on Wordpress.com they shut us down and we had to move to our own server (still based on Wordpress) and with our own URL, first through .tk (but they shut us down) and finally on the actual address www.rockandrollarchives.net.
But that was not enough, after one year or so our server started to have continued problems, we changed, but we got to a point where it was impossible for them to take our bandwidth and they shut us down with no second thoughts, we lost everything with the exception of the blog skeleton. We moved servers once again and we had to upload more than 4000 images again and tag everything and fix things up...

WOW, as you all can see it wasn't easy, not to mention that Adf.ly suspended our account around one year ago and we had to replace all the old links, MANUALLY! But after all we made it through and we hope we will make it for some more time!

For our second anniversary we have prepared a post simillar to last year's with our top 50 most viewed albums, but this time only ten because, unfortunately, as we mentioned, we lost data 6 months ago so we don't have the numbers before that anymore. But anyway, this is curious and fun. There's also a lot of curious numbers below! Have fun and please share the blog around with your friends! :)

Some numbers:
Number of posts: 5.046 (Over 2 thousand posts more than last year)
Artist with more posts: Eric Clapton (33)
Country with more posts: England (1.724)
Year with more posts: 1971 (427)
Genre with more posts: Progressive Rock (1.132)

Top 10 Posts:
PS. Remember that the blog lost all data a while ago so this numbers only show the last 6 months or so.


  1. Truly, truly great archive! I'll take a deep bow for all your efforts *bowing* Thanks and congrats!!

  2. Happy birthday man ! and go for the third candles !

  3. Thanks you two guys. You`ve been quite a few hardcore readers of the blog and we appreciate it :)


  4. congrats! keep it up and stay hard hehe (to paraphrase Raven!)... great job. now, please, more 80's thrash metal, more crust and anarcho punk, a bit of budgie, bang, and all that awesome proto-stoner heaviness, more outsider folk rock, and all the weird krautrock you can get your hands on, guys (of which you already have a great selection, btw)! whole lotta love, cheers!

  5. It's completely our pleasure!

  6. Thank you so much for all the great music! I've been visiting your site since it first started and I'm so happy to have found so much new music to enjoy! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much for sticking with us :)


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