Van Der Graaf Generator - H To He, Who Am The Only One (1970) [England, Progressive Rock]

Artist: Van Der Graaf Generator
Location: England
Album: H To He, Who Am The Only One
Year: 1970
Genre: Progressive Rock
Duration: 70:51 (with Bonuses)
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All tracks written by Peter Hammill except where noted.
01. Killer (Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, Chris Judge Smith) - 8:17
02. House With No Door - 6:26
03. The Emperor In His War Room - 8:12 including:
a). The Emperor
b). The Room
04. Lost - 11:09 including:
a). The Dance In Sand And Sea
b). The Dance In The Frost
05. Pioneers Over C (Peter Hammill, David Jackson) - 12:35
Bonuses (previously unreleased):
06. Squid 1 / Squid 2 / Octopus - 15:21
07. The Emperor In His War Room (first version) - 8:49

- Peter Hammill - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano (02)
- Hugh Banton - Hammond and Farfisa organs, piano, oscillator, vocals, bass guitar (02,05)
- David Jackson – alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, flute, vocals
- Guy Evans - drums, tympani, percussion
- Nic Potter – bass guitar (01,03,04,07)
- Robert Fripp - guitar (03)
- John Anthony - producer

Download: Yandex


  1. I just downloaded Van Der Graaf Generator - H to He... but there are only the first three tracks... Can you help me please? Let me know something soon 'cause I'm very disappointed because this one's one of my favourite records... Thanks alot guys.. I'm waiting your answer! Bye

  2. Hello Andy, I just downloaded the album and it's ok. All tracks are in the folder. You probably had a failed download, please try again :)


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