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Van Der Graaf Generator - The Aerosol Grey Machine (1969) [England,Psychedelic Rock]

Artist: Van Der Graaf Generator
Location: USA
Album: The Aerosol Grey Machine
Year: 1969
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 54:38 (with Bonuses)
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All tracks composed by Peter Hammill except where noted.
01. Afterwards – 4:53
02. Orthenthian St. – 6:17
03. Running Back – 6:35
04. Into A Game - 6:57
05. Ferret And Featherbird - 4:30
06. Aerosol Grey Machine – 0:49
07. Black Smoke Yen (Hugh Banton, Keith Ellis, Guy Evans) – 1:25
08. Aquarian – 8:18
09. Giant Squid - 3:19
10. Octopus – 7:54
11. Necromancer – 3:32

- Peter Hammill (Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill) - guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Hugh Banton (Hugh Robert Banton) - piano, organ, guitar, bass, backing vocals
- Keith Ellis (Keith Ian Ellis) - bass, Wah Wah bass, backing vocals
- Guy Evans (Guy Randolph Evans) - drums, percussion
- Jeff Peach - flute (03)
- Andrew Hammill - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- Peter Joseph - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- John Anthony - producer

Download: Yandex


  1. Esperé toda mi vida por los álbumes de VDGG muchas gracias enserio, ésta es la mejor página del mundo <3

  2. Sorry for being picky, but VDGG are a UK band :)

  3. Sorry, please delete previous comment as I've just realised that Location means Album release and not where the band are from! :(

    1. Hello Rocking Pig, thank you for taking the time and comment on the blog :)

      About locations: It is from where the bands come from. We do not use UK, for instance, because the UK is not a county, it is a sovereign state.

      We do the same with Yuguslavia or USSR, these bands are inside the UK but we do separate them in England, Wales and Scotland.

      We think it better represent the areas of which they come from as each of them have their own culture :)


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