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The Spirit Of Christmas - Lies To Live By (1974) [USA, Progressive Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

Artist: The Spirit Of Christmas
Location: Canada
Album: Lies To Live By
Year: 1974
Genre: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Duration: 40:57
Format: MP3 CBR 320

01. (All The) Wrong Roads (Bob Bryden) - 3:19
02. Stay Dead Lazarus (Bob Bryden) - 4:04
03. Voice In The Wilderness - 4:17 including:
a). Graveyard Face (Bob Bryden/Preston Wynn/Robert Bulger)
b). All Is Light (Bob Bryden/Preston Wynn)
04. War Story - 9:08 including:
a). Ballad Of Jack Boot (Bob Bryden)
b). Requiem - War's Peace (Bob Bryden/Robert Bulger/Tyler Raizenne/Rich Richter/Preston Wynn)
05. The Factory - 8:50 including:
a). Where the People Are Made (Preston Wynn)
b). Everything's Under Control (Preston Wynn/Bob Bryden/Robert Bulger)
06. Beyond The Fields We Know - 11:11 including:
a). Prelude (I Don't Know Where I Am) (Bob Bryden)
b). Thermopylae (Bob Bryden)
c). Heaven's Lost (Bob Bryden/Preston Wynn)
d). In Closing (Bob Bryden)

- Bob Bryden - vocals, rhythm guitar
- Tyler Raizenne - bass
- Helge "Rich" Richter - drums
- Robert Bulger - lead guitar
- Preston Wynn - lead vocals, guitar, piano
- Beans - slide guitar (01)
- Francis W.H.Davies - producer

Download: Yandex


  1. This is a Canadian band previously known as Christmas and Bob Bryden came from an Oshawa Ontario group called Reign Ghost.


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