Dr. John - Babylon (1969) [USA, Psychedelic Rock/R&B]

Artist: Dr. John
Location: USA
Album: Babylon
Year: 1969
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, R&B
Duration: 37:39
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All tracks written by Dr.John except where noted.
01. Babylon – 5:19
02. Glowin' – 5:36
03. Black Widow Spider – 4:56
04. Barefoot Lady – 3:06
05. Twilight Zone (Bernard Herrmann) – 8:12
06. The Patriotic Flag-Waiver – 4:49
07. The Lonesome Guitar Strangler – 5:34

- Dr. John - keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals
- Harold Battiste - arranger, producer
- Richard "'Didimus" Washington, Alvin Robinson, Steve Mann – guitars
- John McAlister - quarter-tone piano, gongs, celesta
- Ronnie Barron – organ
- Plas Johnson, Morris Bachamin – saxophones
- Al Frazier – bass
- John Boudreaux – drums
- Jessie Hill,  Shirley Goodman, Tami Lynn - backing vocals

Download: MeGa


  1. I don't know what happens with R'n'R Archives... everytime i try to download any file, i receive a warning of malware blocked. I am almost giving up to records from here...

    1. There's a big warning in the front page:

      If you find a dead link (or a download link still using Linkbucks) please leave a commment on the dead link page and we will try to renew it ASAP! (Usually it takes a couple of days). We are updating every Linkbucks link but that takes time.

      Linkbucks is no more, but it takes time to change 10 thousand links. We're half way through.

      Anyway, Link updated!


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