Highlight of the day

Musi-O-Tunya - Give Love To Your Children (1975) [Zambia, Funk Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

The Clash - Cut The Crap (1985) [England, Punk Rock/Post Punk/New Wave]

Spiteri - Spiteri (1973) [Venezuela, Heavy Psych/Hard Rock/Folk Rock]

Frank Zappa - The Man From Utopia (1983) [USA, Jazz Rock/Art Rock]

Frank Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch (1982) [USA, Jazz Rock/Art Rock]

Al-Bird - Sodom & Gomorra XXI (2002) [Uzbekistan, Experimental/Gothic Rock/Progressive Rock]

New England - Explorer Suite (1980) [USA, AOR/Hard Rock]

Hojas - Mis Sueños Piden (1973) [Uruguay, Psychedelic Rock]

Midnight Oil - Capricornia (2002) [Australia, Alternative Rock]

Midnight Oil - The Real Thing (2000) [Australia, Alternative Rock]

Zafer Dilek - Oyun Havaları (1977) [Turkey, Funk Rock/Folk Rock]

The Ace Of Cups - It's Bad For You But Buy It! (2003) [USA, Garage Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

The Twins - Modern Lifestyle (1982) [Germany, New Wave/Synth Pop]

The Flower Kings - Paradox Hotel (2006) [Sweden, Progressive Rock]

The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve (2004) [Sweden, Progressive Rock]

Bit 'A Sweet - Hypnotic 1 (1968) [USA, Garage Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

Milkweed - Milkweed (1978) [Canada, Progressive Rock]

Joachim Kühn - Hip Elegy (1976) [Germany, Jazz Rock/Jazz Fusion]

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events (2011) [USA, Progressive Metal]

Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009) [USA, Progressive Metal]

Graham Gouldman - The Graham Gouldman Thing (1968) [England, Baroque Pop]

Alice In Chains - MTV Unplugged (1996) [USA, Alternative Rock/Folk Rock]

Песняры [Pesnyary] - Песняры [Pesnyary] (1974) [USSR, Folk Rock/Psychedelic Rock]

Symphony X - The Odyssey (2002) [USA, Progressive Metal]

Symphony X - V: The New Mythology Suite (2000) [USA, Progressive Metal]

Primus - Antipop (1999) [USA, Alternative Rock/Experimental]

Primus - Brown Album (1997) [USA, Alternative Rock/Experimental]

Patrick Moraz - The Story Of I (1976) [Switzerland, Progressive Rock]

Barnaby Bye - Room To Grow (1973) [USA, Pop Rock]

The Cranberries - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (2001) [Ireland, Pop Rock/Alternative Rock]

Faith No More - Sol Invictus (2015) [USA, Alternative Rock]

The Spongetones - Beat Music (1982) [USA, Beat/Pop Rock]

Bo Hansson - Sagan Om Ringen (1970) [Sweden, Progressive Rock]

The Rolling Stones - Still Life (1982) [England, Blues Rock]

Fantômas - The Director's Cut Live: A New Year's Revolution (2011) [USA, Avant Garde/Experimental]

The Records ‎- Shades In Bed (1979) [England, Power Pop/New Wave]

Música Dispersa - Música Dispersa (1970) [Spain, Psychedelic Folk/Progressive Folk]

The Clash - Combat Rock (1982) [England, Punk Rock/Post Punk/New Wave]

Riverside - Wasteland (2018) [Poland, Progressive Rock/Art Rock]

Riverside - Lost 'n' Found: Live In Tilburg (2017) [Poland, Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal]

Frank Zappa - You Are What You Is (1981) [USA, Jazz Rock/Art Rock]

Frank Zappa - Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar (1981) [USA, Jazz Rock]